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Zend is an open-source framework for creating object-oriented Web applications in PHP. The objective of the Zend framework is to simplify the development of Web applications using object-oriented paradigms that allow the creation of extensible classes while following the best practices for developing Web services and applications.

Zend includes major namespaces and interfaces that help to organize and manage resources at ease. Some of the prominent features of Zend include its MVC architecture, Controllers and plugins, View Helpers, Forms, filters, and validators, Events and management, Data persistence and last but not the least, the Module manager. Zend is also considered as a component library because of its rich collection of loosely coupled reusable components. Zend is basically a glue framework. Its decoupled property makes it best to use as “glue” to an existing application.
Zend Framework is the leading open-source framework for developing enterprise scale web applications and services with PHP. Zend incorporates advanced software design patterns with a component structure based on the highly modular, object-oriented code. We offer high-quality Zend Development services as well as the hiring of Zend developers for varied requirements.

Why we are the best Zend web application development company:

Zend Web Development

We provide an end-to-end solution for developing all kinds of web applications. We are one of the best in the industry in developing Zend framework applications.

Zend eCommerce Solutions

Our online portal development services using Zend are one of the best in the market. So far, we have facilitated many businesses to come to the online market where they can reap the benefits of online services beyond borders. Our Portal and e-commerce development cater to all kinds of business.

Database Application Development Services

Taking leverage of the Zend’s Data persistence, we develop robust Database Management Applications that make the CRUD (Create, Replace, Update, Delete) operations a lot easier.

Zend Integration Services

We also help in integrating different services in the Zend framework. Our team is well versed with the service integration part offered by Zend.

Zend Cloud Solutions

Our Zend Developers are Cloud-savvy and provide cloud-based solutions that are easily manageable and promise high performance.

QA and Testing

We also have a very strong Quality assessment and the Testing team who make sure your web application is in alliance with the required protocols and that there are no bugs.

Zend Maintenance and Support

We have a great team of Zend Developers and Testers who are well acquainted with the Zend Framework best practices. Our support and maintenance team are always available to make sure all the production issues are addressed at the earliest without any trouble.

Zend Corporate Website Development

We are one of the best choices for Enterprise-level and Corporate Application Development. We provide a complete solution for an enterprise or corporate of any scale using Zend framework.

Custom Zend Application Development

We believe in customizing the solutions to fit in the needs of our clients. Our team, comprising of niche Zend developers, analysts and test engineers, are very supportive and provide insightful and customizable solutions based on Zend framework.

Zend Development at STS

Zend Development at STS

Being one of the prominent Zend framework development companies in the market, we offer high-end Zend framework development services for developing Zend based applications that are well-designed, extensible, and fool-proof. We offer robust Zend development services to create web applications that can be rapidly developed and easily deployed.

At STS, projects with Zend Framework are simply developed as a collection of classes. We use Zend MVC

components to create a fully functional project that is decoupled and scalable. Making the best use of the object-oriented nature of Zend, we make applications are purely extensible.

As a leading Zend development company with a remarkable experience in Zend web application development, we develop Zend framework applications that have robust architecture and improvised time. Our capable developers develop rich web applications that are versatile using Zend. Our forte lies in delivering clean code with modularized blocks that are open to future enhancements.

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