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Yii is an open-source component-based framework best suited for web application development. We, at STS, develop Yii framework-based enterprise applications that are simpler yet faster. Yii framework is great for rapidly-developing, modern Web applications. It is built around the Model-View-Controller composite pattern that is easier to use. Yii provides secure and professional features to create robust projects faster. We, at STS, offer Yii Development services that cater to businesses like corporates, institutions, and online portals. You can easily hire credible Yii developers from us who will help you get the best customizable solutions for your requirements.

Yii makes the best use of the latest technologies and is a pure OOP framework. It takes advantage of some of PHP’s more advanced features, including late static binding, SPL classes and interfaces, and anonymous functions.

Currently, STS is one of the leading Yii development companies having a remarkable portfolio in Yii web application development. We encourage web application development using the Yii framework. The framework provides secure and professional features to create robust projects rapidly. The Yii framework has a component-based architecture and a full solid caching support. It is suitable for building all kinds of Web applications. It also has a code generation tool called Gii that includes the full CRUD(Create-Read-Update-Delete) interface maker. Some of the other great features of Yii include MVC architectural pattern, both relational and NoSQL databases, extremely extensible, multi-tier caching support and RESTful API development support.

Why we are the best Yii web application development company:

Yii Development Services

We are a leading Yii Web development company that has a great niche in developing web application using Yii.

Custom Yii Development

We provide a custom solution for all kinds of complex requirements. We are a leading Yii Web development company that is geared with a powerful team of Yii developers and testers.

Database Migration Services

Taking leverage of the Yii’s robust Data persistence architecture, we are geared to cater Database migrations of any scale.

Enterprise Yii Portals

We develop Enterprise level Applications providing a one-stop solution for all needs within an enterprise.

Yii Maintenance

We have a strong team for the support and maintenance of our web applications. The team is always available to make sure all the production bugs are fixed without delay.

Yii Web Portal Design and Development

We offer great solutions for Shopping Cart applications that cater to businesses of different scale. We have already facilitated many businesses to make a mark in the online marketplace.

Custom Yii Web Application Consulting

We provide custom web application consulting in Yii Framework. Our experts in Yii framework are well versed with Yii Development and provide custom solutions for various kinds of web applications. We provide consulting for fresh Yii development as well as enhancement and support.

Yii Module Development

We believe in a modularized code structure that is reusable and extensible. We offer Yii Module development where our capable Yii developers help you develop modularized Yii Packages that work well with any kind of web application.

Yii Web Applications

We develop robust Web applications using Yii that are robust and extensible.

Yii Development at STS

Yii Development at STS

Bring of the well-known Yii web development company in the market, we implement the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern and promote code organization based on that pattern. Because of the component-based architecture of Yii, we at STS, develop large-scale applications such as portals, forums, content management systems (CMS), e-commerce projects and RESTful Web services. Our talented Yii developers provide you with unique solutions that address all your business requirements.

We at STS, take the philosophy that code should be written in a simple yet faster way using Yii. We are best at providing customizing solutions when it comes to Yii Web Development.

We at STS, offer full-stack Yii web development services with proven and ready-to-use features. We can customize or replace nearly every piece of the core’s code and take advantage of Yii’s solid extension architecture to develop redistributable extensions. Our primary goal with Yii development at STS is always high performance.

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