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CodeIgniter Development Services
CodeIgniter is a lightweight MVC-based development framework used to develop robust and secure web-applications in PHP. It is an Open Source framework that has a rich library of functionalities. The framework supports unit testing and test-driven development as well. We, at STS, offer CodeIgniter Development services at a reasonable price.

STS has rich experience in CodeIgniter web application development and support. CodeIgniter has a fully featured database class with support for several database platforms. The framework powers the developers with various form and data validation as well as session management, making their life a lot easier. CodeIgniter supports Helper Libraries of all sorts such as Email Sending Classes, Image Manipulation Library, File Uploading Classes, FTP Classes, Localization, Pagination, Data Encryption, Benchmarking, Caching, Error Logging, etc.

Why we are the Best for CodeIgniter Development:

Custom CodeIgniter Web Applications

We provide a custom solution for all kinds of requirements. Our development team comprises of skilled Developers and Test engineers who are well-versed with CodeIgniter. The team is skilled to develop fully customized web applications.

CodeIgniter Portal/e-Commerce Development

We have extensive experience in Portal and e-commerce development that fits into all kinds of online portal requirements. We have a highly-skilled team of CodeIgniter developers who are capable of developing secure and robust Shopping cart applications.

CodeIgniter Based Web CMS

We develop robust and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easier for you to update your website without the need of knowing the technical side of it.

CodeIgniter Corporate Applications Development

We are also one of the prominent companies for Corporate Application Development. We provide a one-stop solution for all needs within a corporate or enterprise of any scale.

CodeIgniter Support & Maintenance

Our CodeIgniter Developers are well-versed with the CodeIgniter best practices and are happy to help anytime. Our support and maintenance team are always available to make sure all the production issues are addressed at the earliest without any trouble.

CodeIgniter Consulting

We provide the best consulting for CodeIgniter development in the market. Our experts in Code-igniter are veteran practitioners of CodeIgniter Development. We provide consulting for fresh CodeIgniter development as well as enhancement and support.

CodeIgniter Application Enhancement

We also provide enhancements to existing applications using CodeIgniter. If there is any existing CodeIgniter application that needs a revamp, we are there to assist you.

CodeIgniter Development at STS

CodeIgniter Development at STS

We, at STS, have rich experience in building custom web-applications in CodeIgniter – customizing core classes, integrating APIs and libraries. Our rich development portfolio in CodeIgniter promises you a smooth, defect-free and robust application development experience that is scalable, apt and cost-effective. Our CodeIgniter developers provide you with out-of-the-box solutions that are totally adaptable to your requirements.

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